Now in Android you can lock and unlock your screen with the help of your fingerprints and all this is possible without installing any additional hardware.

ICE uses your rear camera to take high-resolution pictures of your finger. Its biometric software analyzes the fingerprint, and stores it in its records.

Then when you lock your mobile, you have to place your finger in front of the camera to prove that it is you. You can also use print readers for free.

Last year, Apple's iPhone 5s introduced the fingerprint "Touch ID" and drew attention to this new technology.

The touch ID feature in Apple's iPhone was certainly commendable, and it also led to an increase in iPhone sales.

Now various companies are also introducing this technology in their smartphones. You will also find artificial fingerprint scanners in the Google Play Store.

You must download the app from the Play Store and follow the on-screen commands to securely capture the fingerprint.

Once you are registered you need to bring your protected finger behind the camera to "unlock" your screen, the phone's camera will examine your finger and after matching the fingerprint you Will unlock the phone.

Click here to download the application

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