Google Assistant also provides search results with voice commands. To do this, Google records your voice, analyzes it, interprets it, and then returns the results. Google stores all your voice commands in the same way that text search history is saved. Keeps Voice command data can be deleted just like deleting text history.

  • You can see how to delete text search history by clicking here.
  • To delete voice commands data, go to Activity Control by clicking here from the desktop.
  • Scroll down to the Voice and Audio Activity section.
  • You can also stop the recording by clicking on the toggle.

However, if you do, Google will warn you that this will prevent Google from recognizing your "Ok Google" command and will not be able to show you better personal results.

Click Manage Activity to delete voice commands. On the next page you will see the entire history of your voice command and the timeline when scrolling. Here you can also delete voice comments one by one.

If you want to delete more voice commands at once, click Delete activity by on the left side of the page.

You can also delete voice commands for a specific period of time on the Delete Activity page.

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