Using the Internet often makes us want to save some things for ourselves. These can be links to articles, videos, text messages or personal notes. Using a mobile phone brings up some links, images, videos or text that we also want to transfer to our computer. The procedure is quite simple.

Using WhatsApp

The WhatsApp can be used on both smartphones and the web.

With this feature you can transfer or view the data in your smartphone to the desktop.

The way to do this is to create a group with any of your contact numbers and then remove that contact number from the group immediately.

This way you will be left alone in the group and there will be no threat to privacy. Now you can post whatever you like while browsing your smartphone in this group.

In this group you can share files up to 100 MB or use it as a personal diary.

Push bullet

Push Built is an application for Android, iOS and the web. This allows you to send files, notes, links and photos up to 25 MB to other devices.

Push Built Mobile is available for Android and iOS, desktop, Mac and Windows clients. If you don't want to use the desktop app, you can use the extension or addon for Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Opera.

Click here to install PushBuild.

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