If you work on Google Docs, Spreadsheets or Slides then this news is for you. You no longer need to go to the Google Drive website and then to the New option to create a new Google document, sheet or presentation. It's now much easier to create a new Google Document, Spreadsheet, Slide or Form.

If you are already signed in to the browser, you will need to enter docs.new or doc.new or document.new into the browser's address bar to create a new document.

As you enter, a new Google Document will appear in front of you.

Similarly, for a spreadsheet, you have to enter sheet.new or sheets.new or spreadsheet.new in the address bar. After which the new Google spreadsheet will be in front of you.

For the presentation you have to type deck.new or presentation.new in the address bar. Similarly, you have to enter form.new for forms and site.new for sites.

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